Better Customer Service #1

1: All retail workers are humans.

I know it’s a strange concept for most people, but retail employees are humans just like you. Treat them as such. It’s called respect, treat them how you’d like to be treated. By being polite, calm, and understanding, you’ll not only get the help you’d like, but you’ll also see us go above and beyond more often than not.

Better Customer Service Intro

Looking for tips on how to get better service while you’re out shopping? Well, working in retail gives me a lot of experience in this field, so let me teach you what you can do to get better service all the time! This isn’t foolproof advice, sometimes people are just miserable. I’ll be updating this on a regular basis, so keep checking back for the next hint.

Be fair and equal always Nintendo

With the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon behind us, it’s time to focus on one of Nintendo’s most controversial moves, well, at least it’s controversial in my opinion.

Prior to the release of a game, review copies are usually sent out to members of the press so that they can review the game, or at least have a review ready for publication. In some cases, fans of a series, or those that are deemed popular will also receive these copies. Sun and Moon were no exception. This was about two weeks prior to the release of the games, and what happens when big games are released? Those games are leaked to the public.

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